In 2019, Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida, commissioned a commemorative sculpture of Fred Rogers for the Campus. Mister Rogers was their most famous Alumnus and very well known in the United States for having created and animated the famous “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood” television series which ran from 1968 to
Sculpture commissioned by private clients to stand in front of their property in Beverly Hills. Other editions are available on the Artworks page.
A competition was organised on behalf of the British Government to design a memorial commemorating 25 years of armed conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan. Under the chairmanship of Lords Stirrup, Walker and Boyce for the Armed Forces, and guided by the then President of the Royal Academy, Sir Christopher LeBrun
Animal sculptures in the landscape create a friendly and inviting focal point, a destination to be drawn to. That was the idea behind this group of chickens commissioned by Mary and Terry Peabody for their Craggy Range Winery in New Zealand. They accompany an existing group of monumental cattle, albeit
The first edition of these monumental cattle was commissioned by Terry and Mary Peabody of Craggy Range Vineyards, New Zealand. Drawing inspiration from my home in Burgundy, where we are surrounded by these magnificent creatures, this was an opportunity to celebrate the Charolais cattle’s remarkable musculature and peaceable demeanour. A
The Meeting Place sculpture in London’s award winning international railway station was commissioned in the Autumn of 2006 by London and Continental Railways, a government owned company that was completing the restoration of St. Pancras Station. They were looking for an artist to design a large sculpture to sit under
In the Spring of 2002, a competition was held at the prestigious Cass Sculpture Foundation in Goodwood, England. Six shortlisted artists presented their ideas and exhibited maquettes to a jury made up of historians, journalists, architects and art experts. After a day of deliberations, the Committee selected my design as
The competition to design a Memorial to Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother presented an opportunity for me to work in partnership with the sculptor Philip Jackson and with the architects, Donald Insall Associates. Our winning submission involved redesigning an existing staircase by Louis de Soissons that connects the Mall to
Commissioned by the Royal St. Hubert Galleries in 1999, this frieze in terra cotta tells a story of Brussels through the lenses of humour and parody. It documents historic events while evoking the spirit and culture of the Belgian people. The artist undertook extensive research for this project in the
Commissioned by private clients, this sculpture is based on the very first study I made for theMeeting Place statue in St. Pancras Station. The composition was deemed “too passionate” bythe Committee and another design from my studio was chosen to replace it. As it happens theCommittee’s choice proved to be
This model was commissioned by Tottenham Hotspur F.C. who wanted a monument design that captured the essence of their work at the Youth Training Academy, where young talent is nurtured in the hope of discovering the professional stars of tomorrow. Although the final monument was never made, the idea of

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